Sewer Connections -
This page was last updated: October 22, 2014
Available 24/7 with fast response time

  • Emergency sewer pipes repair

  • Sewer pipes leakage repair

  • Cleaning blocked sewer pipes

Turn Key – Start to Finish

  • Obtaining “Approval to Proceed Letter” (KLWTD)

  • All Permit Applications completed and processed for Monroe County Building Deptartment & State of Florida Department of Health

  • Excavation and Installation of all sewer lateral pipe and bedding

  • Locate existing septic tank on property and
       Abandon or Transform to cistern

  • Arrange all inspections from Monroe
       County, Department of Health,
       and KLWTD

  • Cover, clean, and restore site to original condition

  • Estimates Available
       for Landscaping, Pavers,
       Concrete Slabs, etc.

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Why go through the headache of dealing with different companies working on your property?
We have the experience and licenses to handle all aspects of the job start to finish!
Our plumbers and technicians are well qualified and equipped to solve any of your plumbing problems!
Assist Owner (1% to 110%)

  • Provide assistance with any phase of the above to complete connection

“Cluster” discounts provided

  • Groups of houses within same area

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Key Largo
(305) 451-4019
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FKAA, Key West
1100 Kennedy Drive
(305) 296-2454

Includes Exclusive
                       Three Year Warranty!
Cistern Rebate Program
Cistern Rebate program
Submit before Aug 30, 2012

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