Pool Design & Construction
Decks & Docks
Demolition Contractor
Landscape Design & Mainentance

All Phases of construction from (under)ground up

    •   Commercial & Residential
    •   Design & Build

    •   Custom Homes     

    •   Rennovations

    •   Remodels & Additions 

    •   Decks, Docks & Pools

Dumpster Truck, Dumpsters & Equipment

     •   Excavator, Backhoe & Bobcat Services

Materials & Services for Installation

     •   Fill     •   Sand     •   Top Soil    

     •   Pea rock     •   Granite         

     •   Chattahoochee     •   Other Specialty Rock     •   Boulders     •  Mulch   

From destruction to construction,
                                  we can rock your world!
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Buidling Contractor, Tavernier
We are a full service company
capable of handling all your construction needs.
Custom Built Homes
green building
southern structures
Our mission is to perform for our customers the highest level of quality construction services at a fair and competitive price.
Commercial Construction
Specialty Wood Work
From Development to Completion

     •   Coordinate and supervise  the
construction process from the development
stage through final construction.

     •   Manage the selection of trade contractors to complete specific phases of construction, and oversee performance to ensure quality and efficiency.  
•   Obtain all necessary permits, licenses and insurance certificates from all sub-contractors, monitor compliance with building and safety codes and other regulations, and monitor requirements set by the project's insurers.
No job is too big
- or -
too small!

Call today for a
free estimate
and/or consultaion.

(305) 852-0401
State Certified Building Contractor
State Certified Plumbing Contracgtor
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